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Auction 101


Auctions are exciting and fun events that entice buyers to make split second decisions. Sales are confirmed on day of sale.


  • Advertising - we take pictures, write descriptions, and promote the sale for you

  • Auctions are scheduled for a specific day and time; not a long drawn out process

  • Immediate attention - You sign a sales contract and we will sell it for you!

  • Property/ Items are sold "as-is"

  • Creates competition, enthusiasm, and excitement

  • Competitive bidding increases sale price


Reasons to Have an Auction

  • Time Restraints - Auctions are usually closed within 60 days and your money in your pocket

  • Marital or Corporate Partenship Conflict - It is much easier to divide money than property

  • Unsettled Estate - An auction is a fair, quick and easy way to settle an estate. Each family member receives his/her equal amount of the proceeds.

  • In Lieu of Foreclosure - sell to avoid financial institution taking your property



Buying at auction is very easy and fun. You must register for a bidder number, listen for day of sale announcements, and read posted rules. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you don't understand. Investigate the property you are interested in, most items are sold "as-is" which means not guaranteed. Buyers are encouraged to preview prior to the sale.



All you do to bid is hold up your bidder's card, make eye contact with the auctioneer, and say YES! If you are the last person to bid on an item - it is yours!


  • Property brings fair market value. You know what other people are willing to bid and pay.

  • You set your own purchase price. You decide what you want to bid.

  • The purchase is over quickly, no lengthy negotiations.

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